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Why WordPress is Exceptional When it Comes to SEO

Website design is today quite common. Websites are being made in the thousands daily. This means that the competition for ranking is stiff. It is critical for you to know all you can about search engine optimization if you want to rank your website high.

SEO is believed to be complicated by many; however this is not true. With a few tips you can become a pro too. It is necessary for you to note the essence of the platform you use for your website. WordPress SEO has been proven to be one of the best. Here are some things that make this platform perfect for search engine optimization.

Speedy Site
It is important to know the difference between loading speed and site speed. The two mean different things. Your sites responsiveness is what is referred to as site speed. WordPress happens to offer one of the most responsive sites. Navigation on WordPress is easy for the visitors on your website and the creator of the site. This makes SEO a whole lot easier.

Various WordPress SEO Plugins
When it comes to SEO, WordPress platform is one of the best. With all the basics that come with WordPress you can accomplish quite a bit. Nevertheless, if you want to do more than just blogging, you are going to need various plugins. These are just software additions that allow you to create anything you want out of your WordPress site.

Multiple Themes for Customization
WordPress is known for its open sourcing aspect. After installation of WordPress, you will realize that you have a couple of free themes to use. However, the company allows any developer who knows how to create a theme to make one and share it with the community. Naturally, these are themes you will have to pay for. Your themes can, however, be used to make special websites customized for SEO. The good thing with these themes is that you get a personalized feeling of your website.

The Platform is Mobile-Friendly
This platform is one of the best for those browsing the web and the ones creating the websites too. The fact that the platform is optimized for mobile contributes to its success. All this means is that you can build a simple WordPress site and access any website made using this platform on your mobile. Of course, if you are making a site using WordPress on your Phone or Tablet, you might need a device with about 2GB RAM and above. With WordPress’ mobile-friendly platform visitors to your website can easily navigate the site. This in turn, allows you rankings to go higher on search engines such as Google.

Most people love WordPress for its simplicity. With all these SEO benefits of using WordPress it is not a surprise huge organizations like CNN and NASA trust them.

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